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Planning With Empathy

About Planned + Polished Events


I’m Briana Johnson (she/her),
and I know what it feels like to not fit in. 

I’m a mixed-race woman from South Dakota. 

I had more exposure to Chinese New Year celebrations and American Indian powwows growing up than I did to the African American side of my heritage. 

I developed my own major (multicultural marketing) in college. 

I design high heels for fun. I started my wedding planning business after working on the venue and catering side of the industry. 


Which is why I want to give this to you straight: 


You belong here. 


Whether your wedding fuses together cultures, religions, languages, or all of the above. 

Whether you live in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, or another destination. 

Whether you want tradition to play a huge role in your wedding, or none at all. 

Even if you’ve always worried about being “too much” or “not enough.”


I see you — I am you — and you belong here.


You deserve to have a wedding that embraces all parts of who you are, regardless of trends and stereotypes. Because I know the truth, from my own experience: all of the things that make you different, make you and our world better.  


And your wedding? It’s going to be a masterful celebration of this gift you’re giving to your community and planet. Let’s begin.

“There are a lot of things that pop up in event planning and the best people are the ones who can manage that — who can be the person behind the curtain who is pulling the strings and having everything under control. Briana is really good at that. She can definitely anticipate those challenges day-of an event and make sure that nobody realizes it.”

Debbie Deal, venue manager


About Our Events

A signature Planned + Polished event is: 

  • Thrown in Los Angeles, Orange County, Palm Springs, Santa Barbara or Las Vegas

  • Hosted by modern, hip couples who care deeply about their guests’ experiences

  • Fusing multiple cultures or religions together into an authentic celebration of love

  • Aesthetically bespoke and pushes the envelope beyond the latest trend

  • Diverse and inclusive

“Briana was a delight to work with!  She was very professional and accommodating when planning my wedding reception.  I was very happy with how everything turned out and could not have done it without her help and expertise.”

The Corcorans

I’m Not Always Polished, You Know

I love kicking my heels off, sipping a glass of wine, and obsessing over your love story as much as the next girl. Join me on a complimentary phone call and you’ll see exactly what I mean! 

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