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Frequently Asked Questions


Where are you located?

I’m based in Los Angeles, California and love producing weddings throughout Southern California, including Santa Barbara and Palm Springs. I also love planning weddings in Las Vegas, my former home.

Who do you serve?

Planned + Polished Events is a safe and affirming space for all types of people. I’d love to work with you no matter your race, age, gender, sexuality, ability, religion, or other identities. That said, based on my own background as a mixed-race woman, I have a special place in my heart for multicultural couples who are looking to blend multiple cultures in one wedding. Planning these weddings is my happy place!

Why should I hire a wedding planner?

There are so many reasons to and so much value in hiring a wedding planner! But here are the points that stand out to me the most: 

  • So you can enjoy your engagement. Because wedding planning can be stressful (especially on top of work and family obligations), and it’s easy to get so overwhelmed with wedding planning tasks that you miss these precious moments of taking your relationship deeper with your partner.  

  • So you can maximize your investment. Because weddings can be expensive, and it’s easy to blow the budget on the “wrong things” if you don’t have experience to know how much things should cost or where to prioritize your investment. 

  • Because you are not an expert. And that’s not a bad thing! You’re amazing at what you do, and can probably do it way faster and better than a total novice. Wedding planning is exactly the same — I’m a professional with training and experience who has the tools and knowledge you’ll need to make this process easy, stress-free, and actually fun. 

How do you plan a multicultural wedding?

The key to planning an amazing wedding — multicultural or not — is to understand the couple, and that’s exactly where my process begins. As we get to know each other, I’ll ask you questions about your family and culture, including what religions or traditions that may be important to you, who is helping make decisions about the wedding, and more. This level of attention is paid to both partners. From there, we can select a venue, make design choices, and start hiring vendors who can complete your vision.


Even with my experience working with multicultural couples, I always do a lot of research about their religion or culture to make sure we’re considering every detail throughout planning.


How much is my wedding going to cost me?

Your total wedding cost depends on several one-time costs, such as venue fees, as well as variable costs that are dependent on the number of guests you invite. Most of my couples spend $40,000 on a wedding for 125 guests, but I’m happy to work with couples with a higher or lower budget. We’ll work together to make sure our plans do not exceed your total budget. 

How much is your service?

I offer two levels of wedding planning services: full wedding planning and event management. For pricing and details on what’s included with each package, please visit the Weddings page.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, like most wedding planners, I offer payment plans. To secure your wedding date on my calendar, I require a 50% non-refundable retainer upon contract signing. Another 25% of your total bill will be due about half way between booking and your wedding date. The final 25% of your total bill is due 60 days before your wedding date. I’ll remind you of these payment dates as we work together.

How can I pay?

To make payment easy, secure, and eco-friendly, I accept electronic payments only.


What experience do you have planning weddings?

I began working in weddings and events in 2011. After spending a year as an event planning assistant in the LA area, I switched to the venue and catering side of the industry. As you may know, the venue and catering take up roughly 35% of your wedding budget, so working as a venue and catering manager gave me tremendous insight into how to produce a quality event. 

I founded Planned + Polished Events in early 2020. 

Do you only plan multicultural weddings?

I love planning weddings no matter how the couple identifies, but my absolute favorite weddings are those that fuse multiple cultures, religions, and languages together. 

Do you work alone?

While I am the owner and lead wedding planner of Planned + Polished Events, there’s no way I could do this work without help from a team of experienced professionals. You’ll see at least one event assistant helping me on your wedding day.

What sets you apart from other wedding planners?

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not your typical wedding planner. My personality is more calm and analytical than a bubbly social butterfly. I don’t stick to just one design aesthetic. I don’t like using the same vendors over and over again just because I have a relationship with them. 


The thing that makes me different, as a wedding planner, is my commitment to diversity. That’s true of the couples I work with, the vendors I’ll help you hire, and the aesthetics of the events I plan. Diversity of people and perspectives makes our world better, which is why I love working with multicultural couples: just by being yourselves and loving who you love, you’re exposing so many people to a new way of thinking. I have so much passion for that approach to life, and I bring that same approach to my work, too.

Did I Answer All of Your Questions?

I do hope so, but if not, I’d love to address whatever you’re pondering. Please email me your questions to and I’ll respond as quickly as possible.

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