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Meet Bri



Thank you for searching your way to the Planned + Polished corner of the world.

I so look forward to connecting with you and learning about who you are, what your event means to you and how I can connect all the details, to lay out the plan and polish it up.

Let's create an authentic event experience together!


A few truths about me:

Love good old school pen-to-paper notes, talking on the phone and hosting themed anything nights.


Brunch is always a good idea.


Life doesn’t have to be so serious, unless we’re discussing colors schemes, pattern design or high heels, then it’s all jokes aside.


Have a top-three essentials list that is uncompromising; compromise on the rest.


Supporting local, small and diversified businesses is a preference and a priority.


In the choice between oceans or mountains, mountains win my heart.  Trees are my happy place!  


Inspiring a unique Wow Factor into each event and in life is always the goal.


There are no rules, just suggested guidelines

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