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Planned. Polished. Purposeful.

Wedding Planning for Multicultural Couples
Los Angeles. Las Vegas. Destination.

Your wedding is more than just a fun party. 

It’s a marriage of two cultures. 
It’s a bridge between two families. 
It’s a celebration of what makes you different. 

Your marriage will make our world better — more unique, more understanding, and more loving. And your wedding should be planned in a way that amplifies that impact. 


Plan It Out, Polish It Up

Whether you have no idea how to blend your Korean heritage with your partner’s Jewish faith, or just need someone to execute your vision of a Native American-Scottish wedding, I’ve got you.


A Planner With Purpose


I’m Briana Johnson (she/her), and I’m not your traditional wedding planner. Yes, I have the detail-obsessed personality type and calming nature perfect for this profession, but my favorite couples are ones with an identity. People who want their wedding day to be a reflection of themselves and their cultures, rather than the latest trend. Sound like you?


“My fiancé and I are from different cultures so Briana is definitely in tune with how to blend and create something beautiful with different backgrounds. Highly recommend, thanks Briana!”

The Brelu-Brelus


Let's Connect

Weddings are about connection, after all, and you should have a strong one with your wedding planner. So let’s get to know each other! I’ll hear about your daily grind in LA or favorite Las Vegas restaurant, you’ll hear about my love for nature, yoga, and red wine, and we can discuss the ins and outs of the wedding planning process together.


Los Angeles | Las Vegas | Destination

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